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PES’s Privacy Policy:

Photo Editing Solution (PES) obtains only accurate and individualized data on its website visitors when such recommendation is supplied voluntarily. However, PES may, from era, accumulate generic opinion solely to establish the achievement and usefulness of its website. This generic recommendation, which does not atmosphere the identity of the visitor, may include: what web camp the visitor visited, how much era general public spend on various pages of the camp, visitors’ stem name types (.com, .org, etc.), and the originating web buzz of the visitor. PES uses this recommendation to discover customer help needs. In the higher, PES may accumulation its obscure abilities for buildup data about visitors in command to put in the facilities presented to visitors and customers. PES intends to reply the needs of the client by soberly subsequent to the succinct provided by the client. If there is any gaffe in the do something because of a miscommunication, PES will accommodate the client’s needs by redoing the do something. However, under no social class, PES will be answerable for any speak to, implied or regular harm that may be caused by such problems. This privacy set of laws will be periodically updated to reflect any such changes to PES’s practices. PES will not sell or atmosphere recommendation obtained about its visitors to anyone outdoor unless authorized by the visitor. PES does not send “junk” e-mail, also known as “spam”. In sure instances, when PES wishes to right of entry customers via e-mail, reply to messages, assert purchases, or have in stock recommendation requested by a visitor, PES will machine e-mail. Any era a customer or visitor receives an e-mail which it does not nonattendance from PES, the customer can plea that PES does not send such e-mail. PES has surety events in pose for protecting data conveyed during a visitor’s obtain with PES. The employees and subcontractors of PES are necessary to cushion the privacy of such data. PES wants its visitors and customers to atmosphere that their privacy would be protected when visitors admission their financial statement or obtain facilities from PES. Because PES desires correctness in the recommendation it obtains and uses about its visitors and customers, Photo Editing Solution (PES) will come up to to assert its data and will plea its customers to explain it of any inaccuracies or mistakes of which they may become familiar through their online financial statement data and bills.

Our clients:

We have clients from many different countries; most of them are photographers, graphic studios, catalogue companies, web development companies, online sellers and printing press.

Pricing & quality

Photo Editing Solutions  suggests price for our providing service varies from its excellence as well as complexity also including on the service what you want how complicated the photographs are. yet,we as well tried to give you just a pricing idea of clipping path service all the way through various complexity level models in the photograph,where it speak outs that the price starts from $0.49 only each one and up to $6.99 only. But don’t instruct on these prices because it may vary for your images as different product has different facts on to it.

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Our Starting Price of 2014

Clipping Path
$0.29 USD
Original Shadow
$1.50 USD
Drop Shadow
$1.10 USD
Reflection Shadow
$1.30 USD
Color Correction
$3.50 USD
Hair Masking
$1.85 USD
Transparency Masking
$1.58 USD
Image Retouching
$1.99 USD
Vector Conversion
$4.99 USD
Logo Design

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